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Best Business Broadband?

You want the best business broadband you can get for your business – of course. But ‘best’ does not just mean ‘fastest’ – you also want it to be reliable, proportionate to your needs, and affordable. As ever, you need to begin any decision-making process with an assessment of your needs as a business. These will vary, depending on the number of employees you have, what you do online – and how important that activity is to your business, and how dependent you are on your connection.

Where you are in the country will also be a factor. While ultrafast and superfast services are available now in most urban areas and villages close to main centres of commerce and population, they are still being rolled out in some more rural and remote areas.

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Business Broadband Deals

There are always new deals, offers and promotions being made available by the major broadband providers, so it is important to be sure you have access to the very latest information. It’s worth paying attention to the details of what is on offer and comparing broadband deals. Some may be available only for a limited time or give you only a few months of ‘free’ or lower-cost services as an inducement to get you to sign-up.

It is also worth looking closely at the terms and conditions attached – in particular at the length of the contract and what it might cost you if you wanted to buy yourself out of a contract mid-term. If you are not sure about anything, it may be advisable to consult an expert third-party reseller or consultant.

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Best Business Broadband

A lot of the time, for ‘best’ people read ‘fastest’ – and this is what broadband providers tend to emphasise. You will always see the ‘up to’ speed placed prominently in advertising and emails. But while the speed of your business broadband is important – anything that is too slow will hamper the productivity and efficiency of your day to day business after all – it is not the only factor you should consider.

Choosing a business broadband service is no different to choosing any other business service. It starts with a full and frank self-assessment of your organisation’s needs. The number of users, what you need to do on line (today and in the near- to-mid-term future), the level of performance consistency and availability you need, and your budget limitations, all need to be taken into account and balanced.

Broadband is something all businesses use and (in most cases now) rely upon, so it is vitally important to subscribe to a service that is capable of meeting your needs. The speed and consistency of your broadband is crucial.

Thinking about what you do today online is a good way to measure the potential of having a faster – or a slower or less reliable – service than you have at present. What would the impact be if every member of staff could get a slightly brisker response from every website or online service they visit or use; and could send and receive emails that little bit faster? A lot of time could be saved, which means your business will be more responsive and efficient.

That ought to translate directly into more productive (and happier) workers and improved customer service.

Conversely, think about what the impact would be if the broadband slowed down significantly – or if you lost the service completely for a time. Even if it’s just a few hours, this can have a profound impact on your business. It may well have happened to you previously, and if so, you will understand the disruption it can cause.

This is why it is also vital to look in detail at the assured speeds, service levels and availability that the service provider offers – and what measures are in place to ensure you can continue to work, or get back up and running as soon as possible, if there is a service outage of any kind.

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Choosing Reliable Business Internet

How do you know if a business broadband service is going to be reliable? Well, for one thing, any company would be foolish to suggest that it could provide a totally reliable service if they were unable to deliver on that promise. They would soon come to the attention of the regulator, Ofcom, if they did. Looking at what exactly they do promise is, therefore, important. Only a good provider with a robust and properly-managed and maintained network will offer you high levels of reliability and availability.

Some services also come with a 4G backup, so this may be worth looking for if you want to know that, should the main line go down, you do have something to fall back on. While complete service outages are a rare occurrence, it can happen through no fault of the service provider.

Another factor to consider here is the reputation and track record of the supplier. If it is a well-known, established company with a good name, you should be in safe hands.

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The Best Broadband Providers

The best broadband providers are those who offer a mix of services that are designed to meet the wide variation in needs of businesses, both small businesses and large. Even so, it’s probably impossible for one provider to offer services that will meet the needs of every single company or all sizes.

The services that good providers offer will try to balance speed alongside reliability, availability, and cost. If you want the highest performance and the best guarantee of service level and dependability, you’ll pay a higher monthly subscription. For more basic services that offer lower speeds and less stringent assurances, you won’t pay as much. There will be plenty of options to choose from though.

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Everyone knows BT and as you’d expect, it offers a broad selection of options, from basic business broadband that provides download speeds of up to 17Mbps, to ultrafast services that can give you as much as 300Mbps. BT services are available in all parts of the UK and Northern Ireland, so there should be plenty of options within the reach of most businesses.

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Enterprise Broadband

As the names suggests, Enterprise Broadband services offer the higher performance that a larger business might require. They also tend to come with very few or no extras and add-ons. This gives enterprises added flexibility to tailor services to their own requirements and keeps the basic cost down. Enterprise Broadband services are powered by either BT or TalkTalk services and are available in all major cities and towns and a growing number of rural areas.

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A good range of business broadband services are provided by Plusnet. They tend to be geared mainly towards smaller businesses, but there are choices that will suit mid-sized and larger firms as well. Plusnet services are priced competitively and generally available all over the UK.

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Pricing Information

The price for broadband, line rental, call plans and call charges will be increased each March from 2022 by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation published by the Office for National Statistics in January of that year, plus 3.9%. Other prices, content and terms may also change during your contract.


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